Veterans Programs

Creating IT Careers for U.S. Veterans using STAR.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, about half of all Service members enter a period of unemployment upon transitioning into civilian life.

At DIVERSANT, we realize the challenges veterans face when trying to find jobs where they can utilize skills they learned in the military to meet employer needs. In addition, we are aware of companies searching for disciplined workers to fill their demand for IT professionals.

To address these challenges, we designed veterans programs to support talented U.S. veterans with building a career in IT. The program sources, vets, trains, and places qualified candidates in job opportunities, both temporary and direct hire positions, with our clients.

What does STAR do for Veterans?

STAR provides qualified U.S. Veterans with the opportunity to build a rewarding career in IT through training, mentoring, and job placement. The program experience includes classroom instruction, on-the-job-training and finally job placement with a sponsoring company.

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  • For U.S. Veterans Seeking an IT Career

    STAR offers qualified U.S. Veterans the ability to receive IT training and a relevant entry-level job opportunity at one of our Premier clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

    Upon successful completion of the classroom instruction (including all exams and tests) as well as a standard employment background check, STAR Program Associates will be hired as DIVERSANT Consultants, complete with salary and benefits. Consultants will be assigned to jobs at our Premier Client companies where they will receive additional training as well as small group mentoring from experienced IT professionals onsite. Top-performing consultants may be offered permanent positions by the client as staff employees at the client’s discretion.

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    Prerequisites for Veterans Programs:

    • BA or BS from an accredited college
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office
    • Desire to learn IT skills
    • Honorable U.S. Veteran status

  • For Corporations Seeking U.S. Veterans

    DIVERSANT’s Veterans Program is designed to provide a pipeline of U.S. veteran talent for performing entry to mid-level IT work at client sites. The program sources, vets, trains, and places candidates to fill open IT positions within your company. Contact us to learn how we can help your company sponsor a NOVA or STAR program to assist US Veterans with building a rewarding career in IT.

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    For Clients, the benefits of STAR are:

    • Helping qualified U.S. Veterans begin a new career
    • Increasing workforce diversity
    • Reduced dependency on non-U.S. talent
    • Reduced per-IT consultant/employee costs
    • Creation of a lasting pipeline of IT talent

    Success Stories

     Global leader in Insurance Industry

    A $70 billion global leader in the insurance industry sought to support U.S. Veterans while also reducing costs for some IT functions. Their CIO and IT Directors met with DIVERSANT representatives to identify IT functions that entry-level personnel could support. The areas of Quality Assurance and Java Testing were determined to be ideal for people looking to enter the IT field.

    Based on the Client’s business needs and corporate culture, DIVERSANT identified and vetted a group of U.S. Veterans to participate in the STAR Program. A customized three-week course was created with DIVERSANT’s training and education partner. STAR Associates received full-time classroom instruction in the software development lifecycle as well as in quality assurance and testing.

    The U.S. Veterans who became STAR Associates have begun a career in the IT field and are receiving salaries and full benefits as DIVERSANT employees working at the client’s site. The client has the satisfaction of knowing that they suupport U.S. Veterans in a substantive and meaningful way.

     International Pharmaceutical Company

    DIVERSANT partnered with a $340B drug research and manufacturing company to design the NOVA program which was focused on pipelining project and program management talent. The program provided a two semester training program to help U.S. Veterans prepare to work on various projects throughout the client’s IT Organization. The training for NOVA was performed in partnership with Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS), a non-profit organization.

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    An initial investment to fund the NOVA program was agreed to be covered by the client and DIVERSANT to WOS.

    The training program was important to help identify 15 veterans for training. The Veterans were vetted through a two week pre-certification program. Once identified, the associates started two semesters of training. The curriculum for the training was customized and approved by Merck in conjunction with DIVERSANT and WOS.

    The outline of the training sessions were:

    • Semester One – 13 weeks of classroom training
    • Semester Two – 13 weeks of classroom training/on the job training

    To help the Associates fully prepare for the role, the Veterans worked three days a week, on-site, while attending second Semester training. After completion of  the second semester, the associates started working at the client’s site full-time under the direction of client leadership along with support from a WOS Client Services Manager. As the program continued to develop, the client decided to commit to leveraging all associates for 40 hours per week throughout duration of the one-year contract project.

    The program was a great success. It addressed the client’s need for staff concerning project and program management, promoted diversity within their workplace, and met their commitment to partner with a minority owed business enterprise.