User Experience Design (UXD)

Effectively managing the human-technology interface is becoming increasingly important to businesses in all industries.

From mobile device apps to Jumbotrons, user experience has progressed well beyond traditional internet-based websites and portals. In all these instances, there is an intent to create perceptions, impart information, and promote responses among targeted audiences through their engagement with technology. User Experience Design (UXD) is an emerging trans-disciplinary practice that seeks to optimize these user experiences by combining aspects of graphic and interaction design, information architecture, and elements of marketing. The result is a coordinated design and development process that yields a harmonious user experience and promotes desired outcomes.

Why DIVERSANT for your UX needs?

Without an effective user experience team in place, the business functionality of the human-technology interface degrades. From both the user’s and the provider’s perspectives, the experience should be enjoyable and understandable, and it should deliver on the user’s expectations. It should also be consistent with the corporation’s identity and strategic objectives. DIVERSANT’s team can work with your organization to help deliver the best solution for your users.

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UXD Case Studies

  • Fortune 100 in Financial Services Community Application

    At a Fortune 100 provider of financial services we transformed an inefficient client-server application into an effective web-based service for a community of over 5,000 users. The result was a wholly redesigned user experience that yielded more effective analytics for a core function of the company.

  • Enterprise-wide Portal User Experience Optimization

    For a global leader in biopharmaceuticals, our UXD Expert Practice Group provided user experience support for the design of an enterprise-wide portal. Our work included the analysis of social networking patterns and information gathering behavior. The outcome was a new channel for collaboration at a company powered by new ideas.

  • Employing Advanced UXD Initiatives for Our Own Good

    In conjunction with a re-branding initiative, DIVERSANT executed an in-house UXD project that transformed the way visitors to our Web site engage our company and perceive its capabilities. In short, we practice what we preach.