Why You Should Apply For Your Next IT Job Over The Holidays

by DIVERSANT on December 19, 2017

By, Nick Lombard, Sr. Analyst with DIVERSANT, one of the top largest IT staffing firms in the U.S.

Now’s not the time to close your laptop, crank up the holiday tunes, and pour yourself a glass of eggnog – IT jobs are in high demand and exponential growth rates for employment expected nationwide in the upcoming year.  In fact, it’s currently one of the best times for you to apply for your next IT job. But, hey, nobody’s saying you can’t sip some eggnog while filling out those applications.

According to Deb Margl, National Vice President of Recruiting at DIVERSANT, one of the top largest IT Staffing firms in the U.S., “The Holidays are a great time to apply since many candidates feel they can wait until the New Year. Getting your resume in before can give you a leg up on the competition.”   While many might think that offices are closed during the holidays, Deb points out that “contrary to popular belief, many managers are working through the holiday week.  Those managers who are in the office may have a few extra minutes to review resumes or reach out to candidates.”  Deb adds that we shouldn’t assume that everyone has taken the week off, as many candidates will receive follow ups on job applications during the week.  In fact, Deb points out, “For recruiters, it can be one of the best weeks to reach new candidates since a lot of candidates may have some time off work and are able to speak more freely about their job search.”

Deb helped us shatter a few myths about holiday IT job searching:

Q: Aren’t the Holidays a slow time for jobs, with hardly any being posted? 

A: No, often new hires begin the week of Christmas or first week of January.  Managers who still have a budget will do their best to try and use it before the year is over.  While managers who may not have a remaining budget for the year, but desperately need additional help will line people up for the first week of the New Year.  It’s a great time to shop around for opportunities as recruiters may often have inside information on upcoming roles for early in the New Year.

Q: Are any IT Recruiters even working?

A: Yes, recruiters have deadlines too and many are still filling roles slated to start the first week of the New Year.  A good recruiter is never closed for business so even if out of the office, they may give you a quick call back or refer you to someone in their office who is working through the holidays.

With 14 office locations across the U.S., we are open for business and have the industry’s best IT Recruiters standing by to help you land that perfect IT job.  So go ahead, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and then head right on over to DIVERSANT and check out (and apply for!) many open IT jobs across the U.S.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Job Hunting!

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