Consultant Spotlight, Mohammad H. Sabri, General Consultant

by DIVERSANT on January 10, 2017

Congratulations to Mohammad Sabri for providing excellent support.

Mohammad H. Sabri excels in his role as a General Consultant with one of our pharmaceutical clients in New Jersey.  Mr. Sabri is seen as a highly valued team member and continues to receive positive feedback from the business because of his excellent performance and level of professionalism. As an IT professional working within the pharmaceutical industry, Mohammad is responsible for protecting sensitive files and responding with a sense of urgency to help team members retrieve any loss data.  Our client shared this statement with Mohammad, “The business see your efficacy and quality in your work. It’s good to have you on the team!”

Mr. Sabri became an IT consultant with DIVERSANT in 2015 and has demonstrated the quality work and skills that our clients appreciate.  We are pleased to recognize his outstanding achievements in our Consultant Spotlight Program.

Read more below to find out why Mohammad’s role is so critical when it comes to protecting data, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.










  • Consultant: Mohammad H. Sabri
  • Position: General Consultant
  • Location: New Jersey

Q&A with Mohammad H. Sabri 

Mohammad shares why he was surprised when he received this recognition from the leadership team.

D: Mohammad, we truly appreciate all of your great work. Our client reached out to us to share how much they value you as a team member. We are committed to recognizing our high performers and are pleased to highlight you this month in our Consultant Spotlight Program. Thank you for speaking with us and sharing more about your career journey. On that note, what sparked your interest in IT?

MHS: “Working and dealing with computers was always a dream and passion for me since I was a kid. Also, coming from Electrical Engineering background made me a systematic engineer (1010). This is when I found dealing with systems, either programming or managing, is a challenge but also logic. So I pursued my passion in IT and specialized in Unix/SAN/Backup.”

D: What project are you currently supporting? What key accomplishments are you are most proud of?

MHS: “Working at a pharmaceutical company, which does a lot of medical research projects, my role as Storage and Backup Admin, is a critical and sensitive position. Data is valuable and protecting it is very important. Losing data is a disaster on all levels even for the individuals. By being able to restore and recover lost data, I am able to bring smiles back to the faces and give confidence that our support system is reliable to continue with these projects.”

D:  What is your favorite hobby or how do you spend your time when you’re not at work?

MHS: “I really enjoy walking and swimming. I also love spending time with my son and competing against him on the Xbox.”

D:  What is your favorite motivational quote?

MHS: “Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others not realizing that everyone has a different question paper. Just follow your passion and do what you love without waiting for the recognition. Then only you will succeed.” 

D:  Share one statement regarding your experience as an IT consultant with DIVERSANT.

MHS: “It’s been more than a year now that I’ve been working with DIVERSANT. Every day I feel that I made the right decision to join the organization. They are professional, responsible, and supportive. I’m looking for more years to come in representing them.”

D:  Is there anything else that you would like to share?

MHS: “It was surprising to me to receive this recognition from my manager as my performance never changed since I joined the company. I am always professional and supportive, since my role is sensitive, in front of the users who are sometimes stressed out for their data and their work. Most of the times, I don’t know the users I’m supporting or helping but that doesn’t affect my response. This time it seems I did what I always do with a top manager running an important project. Although I wasn’t assigned to the project, he noticed that I was always online responding to their inquiries and making their project succeed. That actually prompted him to send the appreciation email to all of my supervisors and managers which was super awesome. Of course I thanked him personally and he again expressed the values I added for him and his team.”

On behalf of DIVERSANT and our client, thank you, Mohammad, for your excellent contributions!

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