Consultant Spotlight, Somashish Roy, Senior Project Manager

by DIVERSANT on July 18, 2017

Congratulations to Somashish for demonstrating excellence!

Mr. Roy’s outstanding performance with one of our banking and financial clients has earned him the recognition as a Top Performer. Responsible for several high priority projects as a senior project manager, “he demonstrated his skills consistently by following up on outstanding issues, driving the teams to complete tasks to meet timelines, and escalating to management in a timely manner when deliverables are at risk,” stated the client. “He takes the initiative to identify opportunities on how he can contribute to the strategic goals of the team.” Mr. Roy sets the bar high as a star performer allowing our client to successfully achieve results and satisfy their clients.

Somashish’s ability to deliver excellence makes him a valuable team member to our client and DIVERSANT.  We are honored to recognize his success in our Consultant Spotlight Program.

We had the opportunity to ask Mr. Roy a few questions about his journey to the world of IT. See below to learn what we had to say.








  • Consultant: Somashish Roy
  • Position: Senior Project Manager
  • Location: Concord, California

Q&A with Somashish Roy 

See Somashish Roy’s interview summary below regarding his journey to IT.

D: Mr. Roy, we are pleased to hear about the great work that you’re doing for our client.  It’s professionals like you that help to make our organization successful. Thank you for choosing DIVERSANT. Please enlighten us on what made you become an IT professional?

SR: “From my schooldays, I was interested in computer programming. I completed engineering courses during my computer science studies and then started my career in IT. Later on, I completed my MBA and moved into the project management area.”

D: What key accomplishments are you most proud of?

SR: “After two months of starting my assignment with my current company, one of the project managers moved out of the bank. I took on the additional responsibility of managing multiple projects. I not only managed the projects well but also exceeded client expectations by leading the project team to resolve critical issues to ensure on time project delivery. I received loads of appreciations from my manager and business manager.”

D:  How do you spend your free time when you are not at work?

SR: “I really enjoy reading and watching online news channels. Oftentimes, I am reading books and spending time with my 7-years old daughter.”

D:  What motivational quote gets you going?

SR: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.” With determination, hard work, knowledge, and skills, we can solve any problems and achieve our goals.

D:  What has been your experience with DIVERSANT?

SR: “DIVERSANT is a transparent and an employee-friendly organization that helps the consultants to grow in their career path.”

On behalf of DIVERSANT and our client, thank you, Somashish, for delivering great support to our client.

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