DIVERSANT Arizona Team Buys Gifts & Clothing for 40 Children

by DIVERSANT on January 5, 2018

The holiday season can be a tough time for some families, especially those who are struggling financially. The pressure of finding the funds to buy gifts so that their children can have a great Christmas can add another level of stress.

At Nevitt Elementary, a local Title 1 school in Tempe, Arizona, the staff of the school tries to help alleviate some of this stress for the parents of their students. Each year, the school asks the parents to send in Christmas Angel requests for presents and clothing that are needed but they can’t otherwise afford.

This year, Nevitt Elementary received requests for as many as 75 students needing additional support. The teachers provided items for as many children as they could, covering the costs out of their own pockets so that their students would not have to go without during the Christmas holiday. As a regular supporter of Nevitt Elementary, Team DIVERSANT Arizona also stepped in by taking on the remaining 40 students, providing both gifts and clothing for the children. “Everyone in the office played a huge role in donating, shopping, wrapping, and coordinating to get the job done,” stated Ken Waterbury, account manager for the DIVERSANT Arizona office. “Our goal is to make sure the children are smiling and happy on Christmas Day.”

In addition to the donations by the local team and their families, DIVERSANT’s corporate office also gave monetary donations which allowed the team to make an even greater impact in supporting the school’s Christmas Angel program. Special Thanks to Gene Waddy, John Goullet, and Jim Yoshimura, DIVERSANT’s executive leadership team, for their contributions.

Team DIVERSANT Arizona looks for ways to give back throughout the year. Their motto is to help make a positive difference in the community where we work and live. Outside of the volunteer work, this team also helps to connect the most qualified IT professionals with the top companies in the area. To consider joining this great team, visit the career pages to submit your resume to recent job openings. DIVERSANT is one of the top IT staffing firms in the United States with more than 1,300 IT professionals working in 46 states nationwide. Learn more at diversant.com.