Minnesota Gives the Best Christmas Ever to a Local Family!

by DIVERSANT on January 4, 2018

Making a positive impact by helping others is what our Minnesota team was determined to do this holiday season. This year, the team decided to link up with the Best Christmas Ever (BCE) which is an organization comprised of a group of friends and local businesses. The BCE movement started in 2011 “to help just 1 family in a major way by giving them the Best Christmas Ever!  In 2017, BCE delivered Christmas cheer to 100 families.

To support this cause, our Minnesota team kicked off a fundraiser which brought in $1,600 worth of donations and gifts. The team was able to provide the family with several gifts from their wish list including items such as tea set, alphabet puzzle, snow pants, LEGO movie video games, bus passes, and movie gift cards, to name a few. The Minnesota team went all out to make sure the family received as many of the gifts as possible to help create a great holiday experience despite the family’s circumstances. Visit the link below to view the team in action as they put their gift wrapping skills to use. “This was a humbling experience as one can imagine. To face so many challenges yet continue to push forward to make things happen says a lot about this family’s level of resilience. Our team really enjoyed helping to make a difference and we plan to continue this effort long-term,” commented Matthew Schreier, the office managing director.

Minnesota office gives Best Christmas Ever to a local family. More than $1,600 in donations and gifts were received. #community #givingback

Posted by DIVERSANT on Thursday, January 4, 2018

“These are good people who are doing the best they can to keep their family together and their kids fed. Dad gets to work on a bus right now and spends 2 to 3 hours traveling to and from work every day. Mom has no hope of going back to work in order to contribute to their family without a car or other means of assistance. Please do what you can to help out this family,” stated a close relative who is also committed to helping the family get through this tough time. To learn more about this family’s story or to donate, visit bcemovement.kindful.com/best-christmas-ever-2017.

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