The Top 3 Hottest Jobs Right Now

by DIVERSANT on July 21, 2017

By, Nick Lombard, Sr. Analyst with DIVERSANT, one of the largest IT staffing firms in the U.S.

It’s a fact, IT Jobs in the U.S. are surging right now, and while there’s a broad variety of popular IT positions available, we’ve zeroed in on the top 3 hottest jobs that companies are looking to hire for right now.

1. IT Security

With the growing number of cyber threats on the rise every day that affect entire organizations, cities, and countries (think of the recent WannaCry virus), IT Security jobs have never been hotter in the U.S.   In fact, there are more open positions than can be filled!  PWC’s latest State of Security Survey 2017 estimates that security spending has soared 67% since 2013, and with that increase in spending there has also been a sharp rise in IT Security jobs.  In a recent SiliconRepublic article, Mohammed Elazizi, manager of Hays IT, noted that that are many factors associated with this large increase in demand for IT Security professionals, saying that “Some of it is driven by the increased awareness of cyber threats that are made public as this can hugely impact an organization’s reputation in the market. It is also because some companies are trying to be more proactive in their approach to security. They are trying to combat threats before they occur.”

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2) Apps Development & Programming

A recent Computerworld Survey showed that a whopping 35% of companies are going to be looking to hire individuals with advanced developing and applications programming skills within the next 12 months.   Leading the pack as one of the most in demand IT skill set, companies are looking for Programmers and Developers Companies who can “customize off-the-shelf applications, work on APIs and integration points, and even develop proprietary software”, according to Mary Pratt in a recent Computerworld article analyzing IT skill sets desired by employers.  Mary adds that while we live in an age of SaaS, “Systems need to be maintained and updated, which further sustains the need for developers and programmers”.

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3) Helpdesk

A recent survey by Robert Half found that the demand for advanced web designs and mobile technology has led to a surge in Helpdesk job openings across the U.S.  Notably, the same study found that Desktop Support was the most sought after skill by businesses.   Analyzing that same survey, Kathy Northamer of Robert Half noted that as “web developers are improving websites, people want their websites to draw people in, and when you have [an] advanced website like that, it needs more support professionals who can keep it up and running,”  Indeed, that same Computerworld Survey mentioned before showed that 35% of companies are planning on hiring individuals within the Helpdesk and Desktop Support fields in the next 12 months.

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