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Payrolling & Consulting Services

Payroll Solutions

Contingent workers that have been sourced internally, such as friends of current workers or retirees, must be listed as W-2 employees with a third-party agency in order to avoid co-employment and worker misclassification penalties.

DIVERSANT provides services to manage these "payroll" workers as our own W-2 employees, dramatically reducing your exposure to the consequences of non-compliance with state and federal authorities. You are also freed from the burden of administering these workers. Better yet, our payroll solutions are offered at rates well below industry standards, resulting in substantial savings for you over the course of a contingent worker's tenure. Payroll employees of DIVERSANT are eligible for generous health benefits, insurance, and savings plans to reward performance and promote retention.

Consulting Services

DIVERSANT also offers consulting services to complement our staffing solutions and diversity programs. Our expert consultants can provide you with analyses and insights to enhance your operations and augment your competitive advantage.

Our consulting services include the following:
  • Contingent Workforce Utilization Analysis
  • MBE Supplier Mentoring & Development
  • Worker Classification & Risk Mitigation Evaluation
  • Labor Market Conditions Analysis

Please contact us to learn more about the scope of consulting services we offer.