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Staffing Solutions

Whether you're looking to fill a temporary position or to create a specialized project team, DIVERSANT is able to identify, vet, and recruit the most qualified IT talent for your specific needs. Our Account Managers work closely with you to identify your needs and requirements. Our teams of IT-specialist recruiters ensure that you see the best available candidates with the skills and experience you specify. Our administrative staff and systems make the entire process easy and efficient.

To make sure that you've got the right consultant, we offer our 40-Hour Interview GuaranteeSM which allows you to evaluate the candidate you selected for a full week. If you aren't satisfied with the candidate's performance by the end of the week, you won't be charged for the placement.

Our staffing solutions include the following services:
  • Contingent Staffing
  • Project Staffing & Management
  • Contingent to Full-Time Placement
  • Internships
  • Please contact us to learn more about our staffing products and services.

    Managed Program Solutions

    DIVERSANT offers fully-implemented Managed Services Programs (MSPs) for direct sales, vendor-neutral, and hybrid models. Our programs are specifically designed to accommodate your preferred methods of doing business. They feature vendor selection and management, candidate recruiting and contractor relations, and complete support for hiring managers including quality control and activity reporting. We also offer consulting services for more specific needs.

    In situations where direct contact with hiring managers is permitted, we have created a delivery channel that provides the highest level of service. Our Direct Selling Service Delivery (DSSD) channel consists of teams that are specialized in the support of large national corporations as well as industry verticals. All candidates are vetted through a comprehensive process that includes phone screening by a Technical Recruiter, multiple management-level references, in-person interviews, and a level two technical screen conducted by a certified member of our staff. This rigorous process ensures multiple, highly-qualified candidates for each of your key openings.

    For those utilizing a Vendor Management Office (VMO), with or without a Vendor Management System (VMS), we have designed a talent delivery service focused on recruiting. For all technical positions, we screen each candidate for technical proficiency before submitting them for your consideration. The result is qualified candidates submitted promptly and in compliance with your processes and procedures.

    Please contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you realize your objectives.