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Veterans' STAR Program


DIVERSANT's innovative STAR Program partners our premier Clients with qualified U.S. Veterans to build a pipeline of American IT talent. While large numbers of Veterans are coming home from deployment overseas, many American companies are finding that there isn't enough IT talent to meet their needs. STAR bridges the gap between the desire for substantive work among the Veteran population and the need for IT talent by American corporations.

STAR doesn't provide jobs; it builds careers.


STAR allows U.S. Veterans with little or no experience in IT to build a well-paying and long-lasting career path in the corporate technology sector. The Program combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training to build the foundation for future development. STAR follows this training with employment experience, first as an IT consultant and finally as an employee of the sponsoring company.

The path to a career in IT begins with STAR

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STAR offers qualified U.S. Veterans the ability to receive IT training and a relevant entry-level job opportunity at one of our Premier clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. Prequalifications for the STAR Program include the following:

  • BA or BS from an accredited college
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Desire to learn IT skills
  • Honorable U.S. Veteran status

Upon successful completion of the classroom instruction (including all exams and tests) and a standard employment background check, STAR Program Associates will be hired as DIVERSANT Consultants with a salary and benefits. Consultants will be assigned to jobs at our Premier Cleint companies where they will receive additional training as well as small group mentoring from experienced IT professionals onsite. Top-performing consultants may be offered permanent positions by the Client as staff employees at the Client's discretion.

To learn more about the STAR Program or to apply for an available spot, please contact us at STAR@diversant.com.


DIVERSANT's STAR Program is designed to provide a pipeline of U.S. Veterans talent for performing entry to mid-level IT work at Client sites. The program sources, vets, trains, and places candidates at Client sites for inclusion in their contingent and permanent workforce populations. For Clients, the benefits of STAR are many, including:

  • Helping qualified U.S. Veterans begin a new career
  • Increasing workforce diversity
  • Reduced dependency on non-U.S. talent
  • Reduced per-IT consultant/employee costs
  • Creation of a lasting pipeline of IT talent

To learn more about the STAR Program or to discuss sponsoring candidates, please contact us at STAR@diversant.com.

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DIVERSANT CEO Gene Waddy (left) awarding a STAR Program certificate to a new Associate
On Opportunity
"I would recommend STAR to any of my veteran friends; it's a perfect opportunity to get yourself in the door in a corporate environment and the sky's the limit from there."

On Satisfaction
"A lot of places don't give military experience a lot of credence; the STAR Program definitely offered me a way into a field that I enjoy and I believe that that's what you should be doing—what you love."

On The Client Environment
"I'm happy with the way things are going. I'm happy to have a foothold into a Fortune 500 company. A lot of places run through nepotism; I'm very happy to see that [the client] is allowing vets to get into these positions, especially given the number of vets coming out of the service every year."