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Veterans' STAR Program


DIVERSANT's innovative STAR Program partners our Fortune 500 Clients with qualified U.S. Veterans to build a pipeline of American IT talent. While unemployment rates for U.S. Veterans remain well above the already-high national average, American companies are finding that there isn't enough IT talent to meet their needs. STAR bridges the gap between the desire for substantive work among the Veteran population and the need for IT talent by American corporations.

STAR doesn't simply provide jobs; it builds careers.


STAR allows U.S. Veterans with little or no experience in IT to build a well-paying and long-lasting career path in the corporate technology sector. The Program combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training to build the foundation for future development. STAR follows this training with employment experience, first as an IT consultant and finally as an employee of the sponsoring company.

The path to a career in IT begins with STAR


STAR offers qualified U.S. Veterans the opportunity to receive IT training and a relevant entry-level position at one of our Fortune 500 clients. Prequalifications for the STAR Program include the following:

  • BA or BS from an accredited college
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Desire to learn IT skills
  • Honorable U.S. Veteran status

Upon successful completion of the classroom instruction (including all exams and tests) and a standard employment background check, STAR Program Associates will be hired as DIVERSANT Consultants with a salary and benefits. Consultants will be assigned to jobs at our Client Fortune 500 companies where they will receive additional training as well as small group mentoring from experienced IT professionals onsite. Top-performing consultants may be offered permanent positions by the Client as staff employees.

To learn more about the STAR Program or to apply for an available spot, please contact us at STAR@diversant.com.


DIVERSANT's STAR Program is designed to provide a pipeline of U.S. Veterans talent for performing entry to mid-level IT work at Client sites. The program sources, vets, trains, and places candidates at Client sites for inclusion in their contingent and permanent workforce populations. For Clients, the benefits of STAR are many, including:

  • Helping qualified U.S. Veterans begin a new career
  • Reduced dependency on non-U.S. talent
  • Reduced per-IT consultant/employee costs
  • Creation of a lasting pipeline of IT talent

To learn more about the STAR Program or to discuss sponsoring candidates, please contact us at STAR@diversant.com.


A $70 billion global leader in the insurance industry sought to support U.S. Veterans while also reducing costs for some IT functions. Their CIO and IT Directors met with DIVERSANT representatives to identify IT functions that entry-level personnel could support. The areas of Quality Assurance and Java Testing were determined to be ideal for people looking to enter the IT field.

Based on the Client's business needs and corporate culture, DIVERSANT identified and vetted a group of U.S. Veterans to participate in the STAR Program. A customized three-week course was created with DIVERSANT's training and education partner, The Avtech Institute of Technology. STAR Associates received fulltime classroom instruction in the software development lifecycle as well as in quality assurance and testing.

Concurrently with the classroom instruction, DIVERSANT placed two group leaders at the Client's site; one for each of the two functions the STAR Associates will perform. These group leaders are expected to provide continuing on-the-job training as well as mentoring for the STAR Associates which includes facilitating the transition from military to corporate culture.

The U.S. Veterans who became STAR Associates have begun a career in the IT field and will receive salaries and full benefits as DIVERSANT employees working at the Client's site. The Client will see a substantial reduction in per-employee cost and administrative burden and will have the option to hire STAR Associates as staff employees when ready. Most importantly, the Client will have the satisfaction of knowing that they support U.S. Veterans in a substantive and meaningful way.

If you would like others to read about a successful STAR Program at your company, please contact us at STAR@diversant.com.