Empowered by Difference. Uniquely Qualified.

A Different Type of IT Staffing Agency

Our products and services are based on original, “Best-In-Class” methodologies (transformative ideas) aimed at meeting the needs of clients and associates as well as the communities they serve. Utilizing a consultative approach and engaging our clients as true business partners, we help them solve critical issues rather than act as a simple commodity supplier.

At DIVERSANT, we believe that diversity in all its forms leads to greater opportunities for consultants and partners, and to more innovative solutions for clients.

Guiding Principles

We operate under a set of guiding principles that have served us well in our quest to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction for our customers, consultants, and partners. We believe in the value of diversity, in all its forms, as an important component of successful operations. Our team-driven approach to providing business solutions leverages the wealth of expertise and experience within the company for the most effective outcomes. Our focus on client satisfaction means that our services and solutions are designed to accommodate your needs.

Our Core Values

At DIVERSANT we are dedicated to conducting our business with the utmost integrity and in accordance with a set of core values and a formal code of ethical business practices.

  • Respect for others
  • Disciplined teamwork
  • Ethical behavior
  • Professional development

The Importance of Diversity

We believe in the value of diversity in all its forms, and strive to promote this belief throughout the American workplace. Diversity encourages creative thinking, fosters innovation, and leads to more effective problem solving. It can also help to build strong ties within local communities and connect you to different markets. It is a significant competitive advantage to those who understand how to leverage these strengths. For this reason, we offer programs that promote diversity in both the workplace and in the supply chain for talent acquisition.

Industry-leading IT Staffing Services

IT consultants choose DIVERSANT because we help them in ways other IT staffing firms don’t. With our vast client base and candidate matching based on more than just the bullet points, we put the focus back on our IT professionals.

IT & Diversity Solutions

We are constantly striving to provide better IT services—with our IT consultants, with our customer services, and with our expert knowledge and experience. Our Clients choose us for our know-how and ability to help them overcome their challenges.

Interested in becoming an IT Consultant for DIVERSANT?

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