We believe in the value of diversity and strive to promote this belief throughout the American workplace and business community.

Diversity encourages creative thinking, fosters innovation, and leads to more effective problem solving. It can also build strong ties with local communities and markets, giving a clear competitive advantage to those who understand how to leverage these strengths. For this reason, we offer programs that promote diversity in both the workplace and in the supply chain for talent acquisition.

We are a nationally-certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and as such, we have a firsthand understanding of the benefits of diversity and the challenges of achieving it in the business environment. We have used our knowledge to take the lead in developing unique and pioneering programs that can help businesses transform themselves and empower their workforces.

MBE Programs

UNITY is a unique program that bridges the gap between large corporations and their need for diversity, and the ability to supply this demand by small MBE staffing firms. By providing access to sources of credit and capital, and implementing a formal mentoring program to enhance business capabilities, DIVERSANT helps small MBE suppliers form agile networks capable of meeting the variable demand curves of large companies looking for IT talent.

Diversity Programs:

With our diversity initiatives, we can help transform your business. Our U.S. Veterans STAR program and our MBE Mentoring UNITY program, we are dedicated to advancing the opportunities for both our U.S. soldiers, as well as our clients.

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