Diversity Initiatives

At DIVERSANT, we believe that the promotion of diversity, in all its forms, is the right way to do business.

For companies, diversity confers a competitive advantage. A diverse workforce results in a wider range of possibilities, greater creativity, and more effective solutions. By offering solutions that promote diversity in the workforce and supply chain, we are helping our clients develop a talent-based competitive advantage while also acting responsibly.

Diversity Initiatives

We offer unique and innovative programs that promote diversity in all its forms in the supply chain and the workplace, all while providing the highest-quality IT talent and support.

Veterans Programs: STAR and NOVA

At present, there is a shortage of qualified IT workers in the U.S. Our colleges and universities are not graduating enough computer science and information systems majors to keep up with demand. At the same time, many US Veterans are seeking to enter the civilian workforce after years of military service.

We created a Veterans Programs to offer U.S. Veterans a career path in IT. We want to help fill the need for IT professionals with American talent while offering Veterans viable employment opportunities.

STAR provides qualified Veteran applicants with entry-level IT training at an accredited facility and the opportunity to work onsite at some of our Fortune 500 clients.

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Minority Business Enterprise

Companies with aggressive diversity initiatives all too often find that their supply chain of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) vendors is not able to keep up with demand. Simply enlarging the pool of vendors does not resolve the underlying issue: that many MBEs are unable to flourish in traditional managed program structures.

UNITY creates a level playing field for MBE suppliers. Within your managed program, it provides training, mentoring, and infrastructural support to MBE suppliers while implementing a rigorous framework for quality control.

UNITY doesn’t simply add links to your supply chain—it’s a transformative program that allows you to make each link stronger.

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